Gracias por un año increíble 2014

Last year I wrote a post with a French title: “Merci pour une excellente année 2013!” well I think the title of this year should be for sure in Spanish.

WOOT? Why a Spanish title Lukas? What happened??? I am glad you ask my imaginary friend! Let me tell you the most crazy story of my life.


Quarter 1:

It all began innocently when I made a trip to Prague in January with my best friend Pavel to start the year quite “magically” .

(Preview from serial “Charmed”, one of my favorite serials obviously)

The point of this trip was to get rid of all the bullshits from 2013 even that the year 2013 was very good you always experience some negative situations on your way. A lot of people wish to don’t experience anything negative. I disagree. Things are happening. It doesn’t makes sense to pray for a life in pink garden. You wouldn’t learn anything and most likely you would get bored. Sometimes you are up, sometimes down. In my humble opinion is much better to try your best, prepare for the worst and if something happen, instead of trying to run or play on a world number one victim, is better to fully accept, understand the situation and solve it on the way!

Don’t postpone things, don’t avoid things. Take a deep breath,  take a small step back, always have a clear vision of your goal, discuss things, divide them on small pieces, accumulate the necessary mental or physical energy and you will be surprised how the problems, “situations” will seems small once you run through them.


You may noticed that I used word “situation” in previous paragraph always after the word: “problem”. Human brain is quite a funny thing. Our brain reacts based on some programs in background and it’s behavior is based on our associations. Try to imagine a nice, big, yellow citron. Now imagine that you bite into this citron with your whole power. You are going to immediately experience a bitter taste on your tongue. Why? What happened? You didn’t actually bite the citron… but your brain doesn’t care what is true and what is not.

So next time when you will have a “problem”, instead of yelling around:

“I have this fucking impossible problem!!!”

Try to yell something like:

“I am in this interesting situation!!!”

Do a favor to yourself and just try it. You will see the difference…

Okay back to the topic haha. So we met in Prague, did some mojo gogo (have no idea how to spell it), had some drinks, discuss things, had fun, accept our experiences and let everything from our past to go away and don’t hold us back.

20140111_12432720140111_1243041972309_753767074633401_1818310321_n 10003547_769393826404059_1952940486903690347_n

Some pictures are also from March when we were invited to PokerStars party in Prague. Me as a developer of TiltBook and he as a supernova with more or less 50,000$ profit that year. Congratulation again!

If you are already thinking about closing my blog and acting like:




Quarter 2:

In the second quarter of this year I tried to create some passive income next to my job via MLM. Well, that wasn’t really for me. I also continued in school but when you have thoughts in your head about programming, projects and your dreams 24/7 and you can’t work on them and magnify your passion because you need to study some unrelated things… well it could end up the only way. Leaving the school after an invitation from my boss to work as a Software developer in Palma de Mallorca.

Screenshot from 2014-12-31 17:25:58

You can read more about that experience in my previous blog post. CLICK HERE.

Quarter 3 – trivago on tour 2014:

Long story short. 400 people, 4 days, own train, own DJ (proudly my colleague Hakan!), own hotel in top of the Austria alps, dancing on German folklore music


and drinking mochitos  24/4. Unforgettable experience!

10668931_10152652955973187_5852023380298981701_o 10703930_10152691011953769_7622484790389900552_n

I highly recommend to read this very nice blog from one talented person. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT TRIVAGO ON TOUR 2014

Except that still working on my personal project + I was moved from a project I was working on for first 5 months to another project with funky name: “trivago intelligence“. Great project, a lot of new code, new tricks and mostly new two mentors and new challenges. I would like to publicly say a big THANK YOU to Moein and Miguel for their support and patience to answer my one billion questions!!! Thank you a lot. I am just curious (angel smile). They are great programmers with even better characters! A honor to work with them! I have also new, very nice product owners!

BTW: My mentors are very… creative:

2014-12-03 16.22.58

I was also in Germany for the first time.

2014-10-11 15.13.42 2014-10-11 14.18.58 2014-10-10 15.01.32 2014-10-10 13.26.05 2014-10-09 19.13.54 2014-10-05 11.28.58


And let’s not forget on my first hackaton:

2014-11-20 12.15.24

Quarter 4:

I went to London and Cambridge as it was one of my goals of this year.

2014-11-30 14.34.45 2014-11-30 14.25.23 2014-11-30 13.35.11 2014-11-30 13.33.54 DCIM999GOPRO DCIM999GOPRO 2014-11-29 15.49.47 2014-11-29 12.13.56 DCIM999GOPRO

Obviously my first Christmas party, hard work, learning the best practices from books like “Clean code” and “PHP patterns” as I would really like to make a big step in quality of my code in year 2015. I also met my new girlfriend and absolved “light” 22 km tour in Mallorca hills because… well you know why ;)  But I have to admin, amazing nature.


My physical form:


I am pretty sure that I forgot to mention a lot of things but the most important ones are mentioned for sure.

Tomorrow on 1.1.2015 I am going to write a 2014 goals report with my, obviously, list of new goals!

Yeah… I know after reading this blog:


I am really grateful for things I could have done this year and mostly for all the amazing people I met this year, all PSE and everyone! A magical year indeed…


And as you hold with me until now…