Got a job in trivago

HOLA future readers and future me!

I haven’t wrote a blog post for a half of a year and some big changes happened so I am going to write it down, clear my mind and mostly publicly say one big Thx!

As you know from my January’s blog, one of my goals for this year is to become the symfony2 / doctrine2 master and visit France.

Well… I am pretty convince that I am on my right way even if I am currently in Mallorca, Spain and not in France but I can live with that haha :D

A month ago an incredible person, awesome developer and now my boss (the guy who pays for pizza) John Bettiol contacted me via his personal email and started to ask some questions. Well, because we live in a spam age I didn’t take him somehow enormously serious but I decided to play his game and answer his questions. As I now know he is very famous about his…”traditional ways” of dealing with things so when I think about it now it’s not so strange to me that he asked me questions like what cake you like (it wasn’t CakePHP) and how turbo charger works.

After several emails and a skype call he gave me a challenge, small project to program. It took me something about 2 weeks as I was in that time a student (I still am actually but I didn’t accomplish 2 exams (I have my priorities :P ) so will see next year) and also I was working on my own project which was taking a lot of time from me because I think it has a lot of potential so even that I had to make a break from it I will definitely return to it + I was as always doing some small changes, fixes, updates on TiltBook.

I successfully passed the challenge and questions and I was invited to work in trivago for 3 months trial period as a full time employee. The funny thing is that I didn’t know about trivago before and I didn’t realized how big this company is! There are three big offices. One in Dusseldorf (about 500 employees), Leipzig and the third, special one, is located in sunny Mallorca (about 30 people) !!! I didn’t have much time to think but I made a risk. I decided to move to Mallorca without any knowledge about Spanish language or country itself.

It’s not Paris but I think it’s even better! I immediately bought a Spanish book and started to learn some words. Three weeks later I bought a fly ticket from Bratislava to Palma (2.5hours) and a train ticket from Bardejov (my born town) to Bratislava (9h WTF?) :)

I returned from dorm (Zilina) to Bardejov on 10th June and I had a ticket reserved for 13th June so you can imagine my 3 days in home after 3 months in dorm. When I arrived home and my mom asked me about my summer plans and I said well… I am going to Mallorca in 3 days so do you need help with something? I can wash dishes or take care of trash that’s how much time I have until I leave haha. She thought I am making a fun of her  :D

But I have to say that leaving the country wasn’t so easy because in that time I was in relationship with an amazingly beautiful and smart girl for 2 months and when your first date takes 23 hours you can imagine that leaving such a girl is not easy but we broke up in very, very nice way and we are still friends so maybe next time but now is important only one thing in my life…  .

So with just one contact in Spain I decided to took a plane and I called this life opportunity.

When I arrived something incredible happened. 2 awesome teammates Antonio and Migel were waiting for me with trivago t-shirts in the airport. And everything started.

They took me shopping little be (mobile number, mobile’s internet, kitchen stuff) and drive me to my new flat where I am living currently. The flat? Amazing.




Close to the city center, two bathrooms… just amazing. But in that time I didn’t know that the first official (visitors, party flat) is even more amazing! Why? Well I was invited for a barbecue that evening and… well. Check out that view: (with Ester and Klara on the photo)


I had a lot of troubles to remember all of the new names (about 20) haha. But I have to say one thing… there is incredibly big difference between general slovakia and spanish people… the spanish people and my teammates are just so incredibly kind and happy. Everyday here is just a pleasure. They like to laugh, they like to party. They are awesome.

That week I was on next 2 parties and on my first beach ever! I also made a step to the sea for the first time haha! So cold… :D [SELECT 1080p]

I have to say I don’t know company that drinks so much haha. But after all beaches, all parties and barbecues we also work hard! From about 8AM to 6PM. Depends on number of kicker games and breakfasts you want to have.

Just so you can imagine the trivago size… trivago’s page has about 3M visitors each day.

The first-second week I was doing a lot of paper work in the city, registering accounts on trivago email, community, knowledge, skype etc. I was having fun, was on the first boat party, did a paddle surf (my new favorite hobby) and stuff like that!  It was awesome:





I was learning about company and learning the code style guide. I was rebuilding my challenge project following trivago code style guide and project structure. Now I know these things, I know everyone name in the office, I know how the company works, I know all important buses stops and places and I have to say… it’s awesome. The Palma is one of the most beautiful places in the world I think and I am not even mentioning the girls… just wau! :)

The third week  I was thrown to an indelible big project named SEOS. You can imagine the size of the project if some really smart people are working on it for a year and to not be so clear the previous developers of the project were from some Russian company… OMG. Teammates on whatsapp were kindly making fun of me (as of everyone who jumped to that project for the first time) with nice gifs:

“That is what happens when you have to understand seos code”:


On the Wednesday I got to know my boss, John, personally for the first time because until then he was sick (concussion) and he was recovering from it. I have to say…the most inspiring person I have ever met. And also “funny” as he said that next day I will have a test from the SEOS project I was exploring. On next day I nicely explained the project to him and he was satisfied so… yeeeyyy :)  My task for Friday was to review some issues that my awesome teammate Adri picked me and do them. That day I solved my first (easy) but it counts! issue in the project!

The fourth week ? This week will be very interesting as I am starting to solving issues and learn the most important things and everything is new and the project is really big and confusing so… wish me luck and “see you” in the next blog!

Trivago is not just some job… It’s not even about money or sunny beaches…or bitches depends what you prefer. It’s a challenge. It’s about it’s core values. It’s a opportunity to learn from the best programmers, to learn some awesome tricks. It’s about finding a way how to optimize a big query running through 700K rows in database that is few GB big. I am really happy for it and this is my opportunity  to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN (Lenin would be proud of me) and never ending learn new stuff and gain experiences.

Until the end of my trial period (15th September) I am going to accomplish these main point:

  • transform myself from ‘freelance’ to team worker
  • move to some incredibly new high developer level
  • develop a project and help my team with SEOS
  • gain as much experiences about everything
  • enjoy this company
  • stay in the company :)
  • workout very hard in the gym (someone has to pick up these guapas chicas)


SPECIAL GRACIAS TO ALL TEAMMATES WHICH TOOK AMAZING CARE OF ME AND MY NEVER ENDING QUESTIONS! :) (spoiler alert: even more questions are coming [@Jose, @Adri] )

Buenas noches!


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