How my goals of the year 2014 went?

Last year at this time I wrote a post with list of the goals for the year 2014.

I think it’s time to have a look how my goals went. What do you think? Was creating that list just a waste of time?

Year 2014:

1. Become Symfony2 master

I am not a master yet as my job is not very heavy based on Symfony but during solving certain issues I definitely improved my Symfony knowledge.

I remember one issue when I was desperately trying to setup functional tests on trivago modified Symfony and it was really a pain in the ass so I decided one weekend to dive deeply into Symfony structure, code and see how all the magic in background is loading. The whole environment and how all the dependency injections and kernels and event dispatchers are handled. This caused me a very warm feeling next to my heart when I understood how all the magic is happening.

And to learn other stuff like new forms that were improved and slightly changed in newer versions of Symfony that’s just a matter of few hours when the time will come so I am pretty satisfied. Anyway, I am still looking forward to one special event that is about to be organised this year and that should be the opportunity to really master this framework.


2. Become Javascript master

Haha this is a funny story. I am working with JavaScript quite a lot because of my startup and because of a big amount of issues in work caused by JavaScript side. Mostly first 5 months when I was basically just solving all type of bugs, a lot of them were front end. Well, I do not blame anyone…Weavora (and your passion in directly modifying Jquery grid). I also spent a lot of time with JavaScript frameworks this year because of my startup and other things. Check.


3. Learn AngularJS

In the middle of the year i was able to have a speech about it. My friend invited me to have a speech in his MallorcaJS group  (little advertisement now) about AngularJS and and it’s best practices. That was my first speech ever and as I thought that everyone will burn me alive directly at the podium because I will say some poppycock, it was an amazing experience and everyone enjoyed it so yeeey and thank you for coming :) Check.

Screenshot from 2015-01-01 20:51:22


4. Work on myself

Obviously check.

5. Work on the best project ever:


6. Start my own project

Check. That was a hell of a lot of work.

7. “Find love”

Well, I imagined to fall in love with a 170 cm tall blonde beautiful girl. Yea I know this will sounds like a nonsense but I found something better!

I read some books (highly recommend a book: “Eckhart tolle – the power of now”), watched some videos but MOSTLY start to know myself and I thought a lot about the love in general. What I realized is that a lot of people, including me, are confusing a need to satisfy certain needs (not sexual needs) and chemistry with love.

I realized that we don’t need someone else to “complete us”. To fill the second empty half of us or something like that!

I don’t believe that there is only one special girl that when you will meet everything will change. I think this is happening only because we find enough positive reasons about our partner so we decide to open ourselves, put us to the vulnerable position and basically just experience the things I described bellow that are a complete basic of as human beings.

What I realized is that when we develop a certain level of thinking, a certain level of experiencing reality and everyday, every second interaction with world we can see that we are absolutely full of love and there is nothing like… well I am not going to love you because when I will and we will breakup or whatever then I will not have more love inside of me and my heart will be broken forever. Because I will spend it on you. Holy shit! How could I ever think something like that… and a lot of people do as well…Think about it a bit. From that time I care much less what other people think and I am trying to enjoy every single moment of happiness or people around me in general and my girlfriend because I know it’s an infinite pool and I am not scared to face it. Of course that doesn’t mean that when something will go wrong I will just immediately smile and don’t feel some pain or something… But you will have a bigger picture of it and you will handle it much quicker.

Hell yeah. Check.

8. Gain my weight to 70kg (extremely hard task)

I was kind of sad for a while because I thought this will be the only task I wont accomplish from the whole year but when I came for Christmas to Slovakia a lot of people told me that I look bigger. I decided to weight myself and this was the expression on my face after I sighted the number: (54th second)

67,5kg!!! amazing! I don’t know if I can translate that to English but we have an expression in Slovakia when you are very skinny. Something like you have 50 kg with boots.

So I prepared a little joke on this topic and now I have 70! hahaha



Mission accomplish! But more importantly I always thought that is impossible for me to gain some weight. And this year I went from 60 to 70! So next year it’s going to be super easy to gain more because my brain now knows it’s possible!!!

(in the next story the numbers are made up – I am not a big sport fan)

It’s the same situation as no one in history was able to finish run on 100m under 8 seconds because everyone thought it’s impossible. Next year one guy did it and the same year another 42 runners did it. Why? Because they realized it’s possible. Check!!!

9. Earn 10 000€

Why for the gods sicks I put this here? This should be a private information. Ah Lukas :D

10. Handle school

I removed this from the list on the way.

11. Become better in SEO

I didn’t became worst haha. Not completely super better but to accomplish this goal due to a poorly defined specifications I can proudly mark the checkbox here as well :D

12. Visit FRANCE

Well I didn’t visit France but I am living in Mallorca in Spain and I visited Austria and Germany so I can definitely mark it as done as well and will visit the France next year for sure. Check.

13. Visit United Kingdom


14. Continue in learning french EVERY DAY

I did and in the half of the year I switched slowly to Spanish so half check.

15. Continue in brain training EVERY DAY

Again at the first half of the year yes using Lumosity. Then the plans changed a bit but due to the new work, my brain is still definitely getting better day by day. Check.

16. Learn few pages of some book 3x in week

I have read like 6 books this year so check check check check check check check.

17. Learn the beauty of meditation

Check. Even that I should do it much more because the second half of the year was kind of suppressed and the level of my stress the whole year is really super high :(

So… :)


Year 2015:

This year I am going to make the radius of my focus much shorter because last year was super stressful and at the end of the year I felt very tired. I want to focus only on really the most important areas of my life and do them as best as possible.


This will be definitely the biggest challenge and will take me a whole life actually but I am going to work insanely hard on this one. I already started in December but I am going to make much deeper studies on this subject. Ou yeah. Can’t wait!!!! I am sorry Miguel, I will again come up with some bloody suggestions about don’t passing 4 arguments in trivago analytics methods haha.

2. Track financial expenses and increase my fortune

I read a really good and highly recommended book: “The richest man in Babylon”. I have a huge leaks in this area. Will be one of the main focuses for this year. What I learned for example is that you can’t buy a girl with money. At least not in Europe :D I collected a very powerful, little sad but very handy experience to my life in 2014. If someone want to know more about this write me a PM and we can grab a cup of coffee. Would like to discuss that situation. Always appreciate a second opinion.

Anyway going to track all of my expenses and try to do a smarter decisions. Maybe start to read about investing etc? We will see.

3. Less stress much more meditation more gym

I really need to decrease the level of stress in my body because it will have some very bad consequences. I will spend much more time with my amazing new girlfriend and try to handle things with bigger abstract overview. Keep working on myself in gym which helps to rest the mind as well.

4. Learn Spanish

No more excuses! Using my startup I am starting working hard on this one. I remember the last year I was pissed one evening on myself because there was one super hot chick on the party and she didn’t speak English. There is no way in the world that lack of the language (as I really love to speak foreign languages) will stop me from approaching hahaha. Little joke :)

5. Be a better friend, person

I don’t know if I can be somehow better but …hm… modesty, modesty haha.

6. Rent a sport car and do some trip through Europe with girlfriend/friend

Thank you for your attention and join me on a path of the most spectacular year 2015!!!

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