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Yes… that time of the year when I get drunk and I try to hit on a local bartender (just joking… I was sober…) and later get philosophical is here! …

Is funny because I wrote the core of this 2016 summary blog post already in January. I wrote down everything I am going to accomplish and how was it. Reviewing the written blog now at the end of the year, I was pretty close actually, lol.

So… what I missed, what were the goals?

TiltBook [DONE]

Fully rewrite redesigned jquery + twig + SF2 ugly code written by 18 years old myself into completely dynamic app with ReactJS frontend and SF3 backend. This was a nightmare due to the project size and it took me the whole year and something. U can read a bit about it over here: http://trki.sk/year-of-waterfall-performance-improvements/

trivago Intelligence [DONE]

It’s a second year that I am working on this (4 years old project). This year we did an insane job with my amazing team. Plenty important features and tests done. I will list the most important ones I had my hands on.

  • facilitated bidding (automatic bidding applied to our partners inventory, hundreds thousands of hotels, based on their settings and trivago recommendations)
  • new MySQL tables design that changed loading of the hotel view from 30s to 2s (still requires a big re-work to add more behaviour while keeping performance)
  • Hadoop handover, we switched the whole application, almost a hundred of queries to read from 30 new tables
  • code coverage increase from 1% to 15%
  • Rewritten the whole command that reads CSV files holding bids uploaded by advertisers and validates, inserts them. Improved performance from 80min for 1,7M changes to 4min + while adding a detailed logging of failure, success of every bid change, yey!


I had this idea already in 2014 where I jumped into coding of the first website version and hired someone to make me this explanatory video:

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I was not able to explain it to the customers properly. Long story short it was suppose to help people remember stuff using memory/mind palace technique. This year I threw away all the work, developed new MVP version of the product, my good friend did like 30 pages advanced (THANK YOU) business plan, but again, it wasn’t it and the product was hard to use.

Language [DONE]

I think I can say I learned one or two spanish words this year! I tried watching some serials with spanish subtitles but somehow it isn’t working. How the hell I learned english this way? Now seriously, passing the theoretical motorbike spanish test was very challenging but it forced me to improve my vocabulary which lead to significant improvements! Once again, nonsense learning vs doing something important for you out of comfort zone 0:1.

Bodybuilding [SLIGHTLY FAILED]

After several months of training, even consulting a professional to prepare me the meal plan I was not getting any results. Then, in August, I bought one program designed for ectomorphs by ectomorphs and I have to say I learned much more about my body and why normal bulking tips that work for other people don’t work for me.

I started strictly tracking my calories in order to achieve the goal for the year, 75kg from 65kg. Month after, In September, I gained immediately 2.5kg and in October I reached 68kg with really nice overall strength increase. (Un)fortunately a 4 days drinking party in Ibiza was on the schedule, getting sick for 3 weeks like every year, vacation in Paris didn’t help and I lost it again. Then I was too pissed of to continue again as I am stubborn so I decided to wait till January to start again from the scratch. This year it will definitely work. I can still see the general body “architecture” improvements that didn’t go away so now it’s just about putting some kgs on top of it.

Books [DONE]

It was definitely a year of books. As u can see I read around 3200 pages. Most of the books were surprisingly not technical as for that I prefer fresh online articles here and there. I focused a lot on psychology, to grow as a person, learn how to interact with people better, especially due to a change in my work position as a tech lead to adjust a bit my Russian manoeuvres. At the end I realized is all just about practice and being honest but the books are gold anyway and all of them are worth reading!!!

Lukas Lukac books 2016


At the beginning of the year I decided to track all my expenses and hours. I managed to track all the expenses and is mind blowing reviewing them at the end of the year to see where you invest/spend the most. Here are the number of hours spent on my side project as a demonstration of what is possible even with a full time job (except during the summer apparently).


Summary of summary, take home message, the WHY

I am very grateful for being who I am. I am very grateful for my health, luck, knowledge, beauty and wealth. Why I am doing all of this above? I am conscious enough to understand that not every human being has the possibility to be healthy, to walk and go where he wants, to do what his heart craves about and I think it would be very rude to throw away such a talents.

Also… this life is maybe just some simulation, big dream, no one knows how we got here but one thing is sure… it doesn’t last and we will all die anyway. We could spend all the time simply playing Starcraft or drinking in the bar like I will the next year (hehe) OR we could take our chances, try to push some limits and see what’s possible.

Hopefully this post will help, inspire someone as other people inspire me.

The end of the blog post I would like to finish with simple thank you to all of you who helped making this year awesome, u rock!

Or just completely forgot what I wrote above and let’s be like bunnies:

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