Trki’s goals for amazing year 2014

Hello everyone!

As i promised in the previous blogpost where i sumarized the year 2013, here is my post with goals and plans for year 2014!

This year will be extremly awesome and successfull :) I will begin it with one week nonstop learning for the final exam from math so yeeaayyy :D hh and then i am going to visit my best friend to Prague on january 11. Can’wait! :)

My list of goals for 2014 looks like this:

  1. Become Symfony2 master
  2. Become JavaScript master
  3. Learn AngularJS
  4. Work on myself
  5. Work on  the best project ever:
  6. Start my own project (secret yet :) )
  7. Find love
  8. Gain my weight to 70kg (extremly hard task :D )
  9. Earn 10 000€
  10. Handle school
  11. Become better in SEO
  12. Visit FRANCE
  13. Visit United Kingdom
  14. Continue in learning french EVERY DAY
  15. Continue in brain training EVERY DAY
  16. Learn few pages of some book 3x in week
  17. Learn the beauty of meditation


So this is my awesome list and i am very excited to success in every single point of it :)

And the traditional wish to all you guys in french haha:

Je vous souhaite la parfaite nouvelle année!

Bon appetit :)


My mobile phone thought they were smiles so he added a yellow square around them, haha :) I guess my intention was successfull :)  One of them have even a mustache! :D