Why I switched to minimalism

In my opinion adopting minimalistic way of life is not just about materialistic things as many people think. Is about the attitude.

Almost exactly two years ago I left Slovakia and came to Mallorca. I didn’t even pay for my luggage. I used hand luggage. I came with  two big well compressed bags. Which is kind of funny because my colleagues that picked me at the airport are still making fun of me as sometimes I go to the gym with the same exact bag as I came with.

I was living alone for a year in a big apartment as the price is the same as for small one and day after day I filled it with more stuff. After a year I decided to move to shared apartment. It took 2 or 3 f**king trips with car (thank you Luis) to move my things. How and why that happened?! I don’t know BUT this is what I did about it:

I threw away everything from my shelves


Uf what a mess have I made. Everything that could be considered as a distraction or wasn’t bringing any benefit to my daily life I simply threw away. Why did I even need some winter clothes from Slovakia if average temperature here is 45 degrees? Or why did I keep those badges? For me they are useless and just take space.


I stopped doing everything that is not aligned with my core values

Self explanatory. E.g. As silly as it sounds I don’t enjoy parties anymore for some reason. Instead of spending 10 hours every Friday drinking vodka shots and pretending I dance I simply go to sleep and start my next day sooner doing something that resonates with my core values. Working on a project or going for a motorbike ride. Don’t take me wrong. Maybe being social will be one of my core values in the future and I will start throwing parties again but not now.

Focus on who you are, not what you have

We are tough by social media to become consumers and that we should consume as much as we can. We earn money, buy unnecessary stuff and die. Simply don’t. Buy what you need or will bring a benefit to your life. If you are a millionaire and your passion are fast cars since you were a child, by all means, buy a porsche but don’t buy a porsche to make your neighbor jealous or to show off. You get the point. Focus on your personality, character, skills and core values.

Learn to let go

This one is tricky but most important. It may not been hard to throw away some unnecessary stuff but would you throw away 2 years of your work on a project? Yes… I was trying to build a startup. I wanted to make it perfect. I focused so much on all the unnecessary steps that I didn’t realise that after 2 years I went completely different way I originally wanted. One week ago I threw all my 2 years work  and started again with one and only one core direction while eliminating all distractions, details, additional features. The same applies for relations.

Learn to let go of your past

Honestly, personally I tried to refresh the memories of my last relation after breakup even if it was painful but playing this “victim mentality”, was even though as sadistic as it sounds, was less painful than accepting the reality of being alone. At least in my memories we were still together. How crazy that is? Only after I faced it on my deepest core and let it go I was able create more space for other beautiful experiences. But don’t we do that with everything? Think about it and let’s stop trying to re-live our past. Let it go and create space for present moments. I recommend the movie “GREAT GATSBY“. Even though the main idea is very romantic it will eventually backfire. embedded by Embedded Video

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I basically have only the following things in my possession:

- few shirts for work as I have been told I can’t go naked + I like design, fashion

- gym clothes

- “quick menu” (watch, wallet and magical ring)

- motorbike as my passion

- some books I like to keep eye on as a reminder

- few other things obviously

I was never more happy as now

- trying to do only things that resonates with me (ofc sometimes not possible)

- more productive as everything is more simpler if you focus only on the core things

- stopped chasing perfection and stopped trying to build complex systems (instead I try to make complex systems simpler)

- when I come home after stressful day in the office, not being surrounded by many things and knowing only things necessary are around me and they are organised and taken care of helps to clean my mind and I can be alone with my thoughts NOT THINGS

- learned to let go

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  • Pavel Kubeš

    Cannot agree more. Nice article ;)

  • Jose A. Navarrete

    Thanks for bringing this topic up. By reading this article I realised I sort of follow this lifestyle as I do not have any desire/necessity of buying things for the sake of having them (I might need to clean my wardrobe though). I believe we all should put more effort on letting things go as we tend to be sadistic as you mentioned and we keep thinking about things that may hurt our feelings.

  • Diego Mariani

    agree except for the fact that social things are not in your scope of core values. Since my way to live is simply being happy -> since happiness comes mainly from good social relationships in life -> i could not adopt your same core values. But at the end agree for the minimalism thing that helps you to think less on useless things and focus more on stuff that matters. i’m also trying to achieve the capsule wardrobe but you know it’s not easy i cannot only own a set of t-shirt and blue jeans (http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/this-why-highly-successful-people-wear-the-same-thing-every-day.html). nice article by the way :) see you tomorrow

  • teo_sk

    very well written. respect that you could also live up to it, it’s not easy!